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“War Witch” is the story of twelve African girl who is kidnapped by a group of partisans. During the attack on her village killed virtually everyone. Komon is forced to murder their own parents. The murder of loved ones pekniete lustro film online is a kind of baptism of battle. In this way, pozna jesien film online the girl becomes one of the warriors. Kidnapped by guerrillas children learn about life in the jungle. Each of them gets a rifle, to be henceforth their mother and father. Komon, like all new recruits, takes part in military actions against the soldiers. During one of them sees the ghosts that warn her of danger. From this moment is “war witch” leader. Her presence in the “field of battle” to guarantee peace. brudny glina film online Nguyen is another picture shown at the Berlin festival, where armed conflict (this time the director refers to the motywy zbrodni ogladaj online civil war in Congo) is only the background history of a single victim. Komon during the guerrilla episode falls in love with one of the guerrillas, kraina lodu film online who is a sorcerer. Young eventually get married and trying to start living again. Unfortunately, the war as a war does not allow for a chlopiec ze skaza film online return to normalcy. “War Witch” was supposed to be once upon a time in mumbai dobaara ogladaj online portrait of an innocent, traumatized girls. In the end, it reminds absurd remembrance of the past (history Nguyen is visualized letter mother to child), in which the war is winx magiczna przygoda 3d ogladaj online limited to the tragic episode. Chance of recovering from the trauma is the only faith that one day everything will be fine … the most banal explanation on how to operate the guerrillas as child recruits adapt to new tasks, there is a video tutorial. On the screen at some point face na trasie online appears, Jean Claude Van Damme obviously exhorting to violence. Besides counts magic and a zgrywa film online little bit of terror … Komon drapiezna planeta online at some point sees the ghosts of his parents burying the ex film online – black painted white people who ask for burial. There is no doubt that the girl finds solace only when you meet their request. End naive “fairy tales” is obviously happy. At the end of the world comes, “the little man” and as it happens in fairy meeting evil film online tales: the hope is always bright future.

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